Carts are Scary

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Beware of electric carts sign

In Hong Kong, you not only need to be aware of the electric carts at the airport, you also need to beware of the electric carts. Those things scare the heck out of me.


Always Mind Your Head

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March2007 Vietnam 020

I keep trying to NOT mind my head, but I just can’t stop myself.

Good Gardening

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March2007 Vietnam 299.jpg

Some fine gardening on the grounds of Tra Vinh University in Vietnam.

No Delicious

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March2007 Vietnam 157.jpg

Apparently, if you don’t like the food, you don’t have to pay for it. Yeah, right.

Close Enough

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March2007 Vietnam 051.jpg

I’m in Saigon and I see this one at a little shop in the hotel lobby. Clearly they are getting really close to something, but I’m not sure what. I apologize for this and several others to follow, it really is way too easy to find goofy signs over here. Not as easy as China, but still too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel (goofy cliche).

More Kissing Needed

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March2007 008

Feb2007 070

So I’m in Minneapolis for the 2007 ITeach conference (canceled due to weather) and find that my hotel is only two blocks away from one of my favorite places called The Local, which is an Irish Pub. It’s in Downtown, or is it Uptown? … I really have no idea. In the back near the rest rooms they have a special Kissing Room (no lie) where amorous couples can go to make out. It is semi-private, which is probably enough for making out but hopefully not private enough for much more than that (although I expect to see a video on YouTube any day now that proves me wrong).


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So I’m visiting my home town of Torrington, WY for a funeral and I see this sign. Apparently they encourage you to smoke while you are filling your tank. We don’t care if the whole station explodes, we are smoker friendly!!

Feb2007 010

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